Comparison Of An Employe and A Freelancer Life

Employe life:

An employee works for a particular company and the company pays him/her. In some cases, the company can kick out the employee and he/she has no option except to leave the company and after that, he/she needs to find a new job.

However, employment also has many benefits like they know that they will get paid at the starting of the new month they can make their budget and most of the companies provide them some other benefits, like medical, traveling and their child fees and much more.

Do not forget, not every company provides these facilities. On the other hand, those companies require more and more work from their employees. In the short form, we can say that Companies use employees for their earnings and then pay a small piece of profits to their employe.

A person who works in a company has to get up early, get ready, and go to the office on time. They can not go for enjoyment without company permission because they need to wait for holidays or write a letter to the company for Holidays. Moreover, the company may Approve or Reject the Application.

Freelancer life:

A Freelancer is his own Boss. He/She work on a contract basis. These contracts may be short term or long terms based on Project requirements. A freelancer can work on their own time. No one orders them to do work.

If we say they are self-employed, we will not be wrong. Freelancers do not get any medical or traveling allowance like an employee, but that does not matter in front of other benefits. A freelancer can work for many clients simultaneously and earn ten times more than an employee.

A Freelancer does not need anybody’s permission to go to enjoyment everywhere in the world. Because they are freelancers, they can manage their work from everywhere in the world. They need an internet connection and a laptop or a mobile.

A freelancer can work with any client which he/she think better for their self and can cancel the order of other clients who are not suitable for work. In short, we can say that A freelancer can work from the comfort of his couch.

What is Freelancing? How I can earn from it?

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