how to design a website for digital services providers in WordPress with Elementor 2022

Design a website

on the internet, there are 39.5% of websites developed with WordPress. And WordPress is one of the best CMS and tool for designing websites and even it’s fully free.

We can design various types of websites with WordPress like E-Commerce, Blogs, Portfolio ETC. There are various types of page builders available in WordPress for designing the website we can design a website by drag and drop functionality of these page builders. And we have no need for coding knowledge. vs

design a website

Despite being created by the same team and having a similar name, and are different. While is fully free you can simply download WordPress from

design a digital services providers website


On the other hand, is paid. provides us with the domain and hosting as well. But they provide us a subdomain on the free plan and the hosting for is free but we will be very limited there, means we need to pay for premium themes installation and premium plugins installation. we do not have any option to change the coding files.

But is we need to purchase hosting from different hosting providers and then we can install WordPress there and we have complete access to the WordPress files. it means we can change coding files, we can edit them, and can install any premium theme or any premium plugins.

Is WordPress a website Builder? 

Typically WordPress is a CMS(content management system). While website builders provide us with drag-and-drop functionality for designing a website in WordPress. We can use WordPress Page builders and even we can design a website in WordPress by using custom codes and we can use different themes for designing a website.

What Kind of Websites Can You Make With WordPress? 

One of the main reasons for using WordPress is that WordPress is a widely used CMS for creating websites. WordPress provides us with the functionality to create various types of websites. Like as

Blog – In WordPress, we can design a blog post website and even WordPress provides us functionality to design blogs for Business and Portfolio websites.

Business websites – WordPress is very popular for designing websites for business even 14.7% of top 100 websites are developed with WordPress.

ECommerce – By using WordPress and woocommerce plugins we can design an eCommerce website for our online store and for our client’s stores.

For more, you can create – Forums, Job boards, portfolios, Information portals, and Online learning portals and even we can create any type of website with WordPress.

Why Elementor?

Elementor is a page builder by using it we can design a website with its drag-and-drop functionality. Meaning we have no need for any type of coding knowledge. Elementor is a widely used and most popular page builder and on the internet, there are too many elementor free and paid add-ons available.

Even you can use Elementor pro for a better experience. And you can purchase it from And in our article’s video, we have also used Elementor pro for designing our website.

Why Hello Elementor theme?

Hello Elementor theme is developed for elementor designed website. It’s a super fast and lightweight theme. Even if it’s totally a blank theme you can design your website header, Footer, Pages, Posts template, and Products template and everything by yourself according to your likes and dislike, and if you are planning to purchase a theme then there you’ll be limited with that.

Mean you can’t change Single product design, single posts design, Header, and footer designs. Also, some premium theme sizes are too big and because of their sizes, your website takes too much time in loading.

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