Fiverr Support team – 7 very important questions about Fiverr 2022

Fiverr Support

Fiverr is a website where people can post services and get feedback from potential customers. Customers can choose from a variety of services, and then pay for them using PayPal or Bitcoin.

There are many benefits to posting on Fiverr: You get experience offering your services to other people, and this can help you determine whether you have a true talent for a certain field. It’s also a great way to earn money from home in your spare time! Some of the more popular services include graphic design, voice-over work, app development, writing articles, and graphic design. You can also find gigs for marketing and consulting projects.

You can set up your own gig by filling out a basic application form on the website. Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed and you will be invited to become a seller.

Q1. Does having the Top-Rated Seller badge bring more valuable traffic to a Gig?

Such a lie, this question’s answer is no. But you can get some extra traffic from people who use the TRS filter when searching for sellers. and if you wanna increase your prices after getting the top-rated seller badge. You must need to think about your old clients because extra prices mean you can lose your old clients.

Q2. Being a member of seller plus / Leaving seller Plus impact gig ranking?

No Seller plus just give you some extra features like keywords, coupons option for your clients and etc. But it doesn’t impact your gig ranking.

Q3. If I have only one gig, will it perform better than having multiple? and does having Gigs from different categories look/perform poorly?

if have just one gig that can perform better but not more than multiple gigs and if you have different categories gigs like website designing, graphic designing those looks much better because your client can get his logo and his website from one seller. He has no need to find different, different sellers.

Q4. will using the same keyword over and over again increase impressions?

No, not at all. if you’ll try to use the same keyword in your gig title, gig description, and gig tags. That doesn’t help you to increase the impressions always try to write an eye catchy title and use excellent tags.

Q5. How does promoting my gigs affect presence and ranking? and which promoted gig technique leads to the best results?

if you got good clicks and impressions on your gig then your gig ranking chances will increase. and you can get more projects than usual and for gig promoting techniques you can use your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and much more.

Q6. Is it true that Fiverr takes the buyer’s side in disputes and cancellations?

Hmmm, well most of the freelancers think yes Fiverr takes the buyer’s side in disputes. But it’s wrong, if your buyer trying to cheat you, you can contact Fiverr support and let them know the issue and provide them proof like your project done information, etc and Fiverr Support will check that out and decide which person is right and they will solve the problem.

Q7. Will my gigs be de-ranked because of a warning I received on my account?

Well, this question answer is yes, Because Fiverr wanna give their buyer a good experience so that Fiverr can take more business and if a gig revealed the warning that means that gig’s owner has done something wrong that can impact Fiverr business that’s why they de-rank your gig but after that if you’ll continue with good work they rank your gig again. I think that’s not an issue. so what do you think? please tell me in the comment box?

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