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Design A website,

Do you wanna learn how to design a website from scratch. if your answer is yes then this Blog and video are for you. you can simply follow me and can become a good web designer and can create websites from scratch.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a widely used CMS for developing amazing websites in less time and without any coding knowledge. Over 455 million websites use WordPress as of 2021, and that number only continues to grow. and WordPress is super easy you can just drag and drop elements and can design an eye cache website in 3 to 4 hours. that’s too short a time.

Hello, The main reason for this blog is to teach you how you need to think about website design. Because it’s easy to develop a website if you have a design but if you do not know which type of design you need then you can’t develop it. The very first phase of development is designing. But a developer who wanna design by himself or a developer who’s working with any CMS needs to think about the design and need to develop it by himself as well.

But most people have hundreds of ideas in their minds but they don’t know how to make them live. when they start the development process they are mostly stuck. Because they have ideas in their mind, not in their hands. so remember my words. “Always draw your idea on a paper” because if you have a sketch in your hands then you can develop a website in 1/3 time and your website design in 1000% beautiful instead of direct development without paperwork.

How do I design and develop a website for my clients?

First of All, I always draw a dummy sketch on paper. I noted down the font’s name, their sizes, color combination, and all the necessary things, and at the last. I draw a dummy scatch on paper and then start designing the website on WordPress. you haven’t need to design a website on paper if you have a good idea about Adobe XD or Figma or Photoshop. you can create your website design on these websites and software as well.

If you’ll just start working on your website without designing any scatch then you will waste lots of time and your website design will be nothing excapt a design which any noobe developer design for someone. so always focus on paperwork or not digital scatches if you wanna design a website.

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