The success story of a 22 year old Student Muhammad Usman Naeem

Success story,

There is a significant difference in the definition of success from person to person. For some, it means getting good grades. For some, it’s just a matter of getting a good job. It is to achieve a goal after startup. For some, it’s about helping other people, and so on.

However, my success has been getting a job as a senior software engineer at Fortune 500 companies or taking my company to this level and becoming one of them.

There are many difficulties and obstacles to bear and to succeed. You must overcome them. It is not easy, and I often think about quitting, but those who have solid goals never give up.

I also faced a lot of these in the past and I’m still facing, and there will be more to come in the future too. However, the pleasure of accomplishing the goals supersedes all.

Leave your comfort zone and face the hardships because hardships make the man perfect.

Eaglet Pakistani

In terms of skills and learning, I am a lot ahead of my peers but still not a match for some of the top learners. So I am also trying to gain new skills every day.

Right now I have expertise in HTML CSS, JavaScript, Python, C/C#/C++, PHP, Java, SQL, Firebase, MongoDB, Neo4J, VueJS, and ReactJS. I have worked on different projects and products using each of them.

In terms of earning, I am a Level One seller on Fiverr and Top Rated on Upwork with a 100% Job Success Score. I also have accounts on other platforms like TrueLancer, FreeLancer, Guru, etc. However, I do not have any mentionable achievements there. I also wish to have an account in Toptal by next year.

Success story

I have earned more than Rs: 300k in the past years.

I am still a 5th-semester student studying BS Software Engineering. May Allah Help me accomplish my goals in this life and the next. InShaaAllah.

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