The success story of a freelancer Hamza Safdar

A Success Story,

Every person has Aim in his life for which he does hard work and sacrifices their essential things. Some people select their goals early in their lives, and some choose their Aims late. But after choosing the Aim, everyone plans how to fulfill their Aims.

A person without a goal is like a body without a soul.

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And for this, they start struggling. Most people lose their hopes and quite their Aims, but a small number of people continue their struggle, and in the end, they will succeed in their battle and get a reward in the face of their aims succeeded. 

Don’t think that it’s so easy, as reading this story. The way of success is very challenging. You will face failure many times in this journey, and it will help you to recognize your life scorpions, dogs and snakes. Also your journey shows you who is with and against you.

Life is full of dogs and scorpions, and snakes. Do not be hesitated. Just focus on your Aim and ignore them.

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So today, we will share Hamza Safdar’s story with you in his words so that you can get inspiration from his story. Now he is a level one seller on Fiverr, and soon he will become a level two seller and start his agency in his city.

Hi, I’m Hamza Safdar I had started learning WordPress. When I attended a workshop about WordPress website development, I took some courses through Udemy Coursera, Digiskills, and some crash courses from YouTube.

Nevertheless, I did not get self-satisfaction. Luckily, I searched for a solution on YouTube and Found a Rofitech tutorial. I was amazed to see the detail in every video. I started to learn from him, and he helped me at every point for the sake of Allah Almighty. 

Don’t think you are alone in your life journey. Yeah, you are alone just in front of people, but a Great power(Allah) who has created the world is with you.

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His tutorials helped me become a successful seller on Fiverr and earn much through local clients. Now I am heading towards level 2 after achieving level 1 successfully. My Next target is to start a software house in my city soon.

So guys, that’s the success story of Hamza Safdar, and what’s your story? You can share it with us by clicking the button below.

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