The success story of 22 Years old student Muhammad Rouf

How did Muhammad Rouf make 1.5 Million from Freelancing?

Success, Everyone has goals in their life that they want to achieve. And for that, we are struggling, but some people lose their hopes and give up. But on the other side, a small number of people try to do head and hard work for achieving their goals and in the end, they achieve their goals.

In the world, most wise persons have different definitions of success. But in front of us, success is something which we achieve after failure. If you reach something without struggle, without facing defeat, you haven’t got real success.

If you fail, but you don’t give up and try again and fail again, try again and fail again and again and then you start learning from your mistake and continue your struggle until you achieve your goals. Then you can say you are a successful person.

__Muhammad Rouf

And same as today, we share the story of Muhammad Rouf. A student, A mentor, An Entrepreneur, And the Founder of RofiTech. He’s a 22 years old student running his own software house.

He belongs to a middle-class family. He was started his journey on August 22, 2019. when he came to Lahore for Higher education, he got admission to a web development short course and started learning web development from where he learned HTML, CSS, JA, Jquery and PHP.

But During that, he also got admission to BSIT(Bachelor of Science Information Technology). After completing their web development short course, he started finding a job to become self-dependent. But he faced rejection in his first interview, and he tried to learn what he’s messed up that became the reason for his refusal.

After a few days, he applied to another company, but he faced another rejection, but he did not lose hope. For collecting his university fee, he also worked as a waiter in different Hotels. But he knew what’s his primary goal. So he tried again and failed again, try again and failed again and again. But he continued his study about the Web.

Nothing is impossible in the world. If you think that this way is closed for yourself, then remember Allah must open another way for you. You need to focus on your aims.

__Muhammad Rouf

And During that one of his Teachers let him know about Digiskills from And During that, one of his Teachers let him know about Digiskills from where he can learn WordPress and freelance. So he started Digiskills courses as well. But as we all know that Covide-19 was begun wrapping up the whole world in 2020.

And During that, all the educational institutes were closed in all the world. Muhammad Rouf was living in the hostel, he was helpless. Because during that, all the educational institutes were closed in all the world. Muhammad Rouf was living in the hostel. So he was helpless, so he left his hostel and got back to their home for his safety. But he entirely focused on his study about web development and freelancing.

With the Help of Allah, he got his first order on Fiverr on May 12, 2020. and he has completed it with a five-star rating in just two days. And slowly, slowly, his work was started, and he withdrew his first earning on Jul 28, 2020. That was just $98.

And then he was set his goal to earn $100 every month and now he’s earning $1000+ every month and he has clients from 53 countries and And then he was set his goal to earn $100 every month, and now he’s making $1000+ every month, and he has clients from 53 countries, and his new goal is to increase his earnings ten times in the next year. And he says.

I came into this world alone and earned everything with the help of Allah, and in the end, I’ll go along from the world by making Allah happy with my earnings.

__Muhammad Rouf

So this is Muhammad Rouf’s Story. If you want to share your success story with us, you can share it by clicking on the button below.



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