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There are 1.2 billion freelancers in the world, according to the 2020 establishment. Nearly 1/3 of the Global Population and the number of freelancers are growing very fastly. That is because a freelancer does not have a boss, so he is not bounded.

A Freelancer can work in his own time frame. No one can force him to work according to their time frame. Because a freelancer has freedom, he can work anytime, anywhere. He can choose which client is better for himself even he has the authority to cancel the unwanted or rowdy client’s order.

After the pandemic problem(Covid-19), most of the companies started to hire freelancers because those companies can contract with freelancers, and those contracts are based on project length. So companies can save much money that they need to invest in building, furniture, and too many things.

This is why they give priority to freelancers, and therefore the number of freelancers is increasing continuously. So if you want to start freelancing, you can check out the Top 10 Freelancing websites list according to us below, and you can also read their details and give the idea of which website is better for you.

Here are the short detail of each freelancing website
This will help you to choose which website is best for you as a freelancer.

1. Upwork

Freelancing websites
Process: Free Registration, Easy verification, 10 Bids free every month
Cons: High Commission charges, Long Payment process.
Details: Upwork is the world’s largest freelancing website. Thousands of jobs are posted in every category on Upwork every day. On Upwork, you can get the job very quickly than other websites. However, it would be best if you made a little effort to find a suitable job for you.

Because clients come to the upwork and post their jobs on Upwork and the Freelancers Bids on those jobs, if the client is impressed with your bid(proposal) and your previous work history is well. Then they can start your interview.

We can say they start discussing their project with you, and if they think you are better for their project, they can hire you. You can work with your Upwork clients at a fixed price or on an hourly basis.

2. Toptal

Process: Free Registration, Free Payment and Invoicing
Cons: Great Screening Process, Big projects only.
Details: Toptal is one of the best websites for high projects, and most of the Biggest Companies in the world hire their employees from Toptal. However, account approval is something lengthy process because you need to pass their five-step screening process.

Toptal only Approves Highly skilled person accounts. That is why the Biggest companies prefer Toptal for Hiring freelancers for themselves. Suppose you pass their five-step screening process. Then you have access to various freelancing tools there.

If your account is rejected, this will remain pending for some months. In the meantime, you will have time to improve your skill and learn from what you have done wrong.

3. Guru

Process: Free Membership, Secure payments
Cons: Potential fack clients
Details: Guru is the best freelancing website, and this website connects freelancers and companies from all over the world. Membership is free, but they will provide you with more freelancing tools and functionalities for work if you purchase their membership.

They charge fewer commission fees than other freelancing websites. Here the job process is something similar to Upwork. Clients come to the website and post their projects, and freelancers bid on them and can win the project.

However, their job-finding process is straightforward and impressive even they send notifications to their freelancers for the freelancer skills relevant jobs. However, before bidding on the job, the one thing is to check whether the client’s payment method is verified or not. Moreover, only bid on the verified buyer’s jobs.

4. Fiverr

Process: Free Registration, Secure payments
Cons: High Commission rates, Long payment process
Details: Fiverr is the best freelancing website for those who do not wanna find projects and bid on them. It is a straightforward and broad freelancing website. Freelancers need to create their gigs on that website, and the buyers who are scrolling on there contact the freelancers, and if they think that the freelancer is best for them, they hire them.

Moreover, they can purchase freelancers’ gigs, and the system starts countdown and charge(project fee) from the client and puts it on hold. Fiverr deducts its commission after completion of the project. Moreover, add other charges to the freelancer account. Freelancers can withdraw their earnings in 14 days.

5. Freelancer

Process: Progress tracker, 24/7 Live support
Cons: Fake clients, Complex interface
Details: is another freelancing website from where most popular companies hire freelancers for their projects. These projects may be short-term or long-term.

Registration on this website is free. However, the website charges a 10% commission from freelancers after completing their projects. And most of the beneficial things about this website are that they provide 24/7 live support. But there are many fake clients scrolling, so be careful about biding. Only bid in the verified buyer’s projects.

6. Linkedin

Process: Networking Opportunities, Cost Effective
Cons: Spam clients
Details: Linkedin is one of the best markets where all the small and big companies have their account and post their job and find a large number of freelancers for Part-time and full-time jobs.

Creating an account is very easy on this website. You need to sign up and post about your work to boost your account. And freelancers also share their portfolios there to get more clients.

If you have set up your account perfectly on this website, they also send you notifications and emails about new jobs. And even you can find the jobs there for using your niche-related keywords.

7. People per hour

Process: Automated invoice, Secure payment
Cons: Free bids but limited
Details: As we can understand from the website name People Per Hour, the freelancers work with their clients on an hourly basis. On this website, there are millions of freelancers. They bid on the projects and can get more orders.

Registration on this website is free, but your account is only approved after checking it from the support team. If you do not have set up your account correctly, the support team can reject your account.

Like other freelancing websites, People per hour charge a service commission fee. In the beginning, they charge 20% of your earnings but reduce their commission once you have done the number of projects as per their privacy policy.

8. 99 Design

Process: Active community, Secure payment
Cons: High commission fee, Freelancers levels are limited
Details: 99 Design is one of the best freelancing platforms for designers. It offers plenty of options. There are various design categories available for logo design, Business cards, web design, and more.

Registration on this platform is free. A freelancer needs to create an account on it and then add its work experience portfolio and details about it. And the 99 Design verification team then reviews the information and approves the account. Higher experience can help you to get higher levels and more projects.

9. Behance

Process: Big Community, Networking opportunities
Cons: Competitive environments
Details: Behance is different from another freelancing website which we have discussed above. On this website, freelancers can establish their portfolios. People from all over the world use this website for sharing their portfolios there.

If you are a graphic designer, animator, or website designer, you can share your portfolio on this website, and the buyers who are scrolling there can hire you or you can bid on different projects.

10. Flexjob

Process: Scam free, 30-day money-back guaranty
Cons: Some premium jobs can be found outside of the website.
Details: Flexjob is a platform where you can apply for remote jabs. Those jobs may be Part-time or Full Time. Flexjob even filters out the fake jobs and companies, but other platforms don’t. They don’t show any advertisement page.

Flexjob is not a free website. There you need to purchase their subscription that starts from $9.95 per week, and if you are buying their yearly plan, they charge $1.15 for a week.


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